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Gena Strung

Gena is an Acupuncturist and Doctor of Chinese Medicine who transformed her expertise into an online business to pursue her dream of location freedom. She successfully developed four online programs that helped women manage a range of health concerns, including stress, chronic pain, infertility and digestive issues all through Ayurvedic nutrition and Chinese medicine. 

With such success, Gena knew she could help other wellness professionals create a profitable online offer so they too can have location, time and financial freedom. The challenge? Due to the vastness of the wellness industry, Gena found herself creating custom business and marketing strategies for each client, which led to a lack of structure and streamlined action plan. As a result, Gena became overwhelmed and overworked coaching 1:1 with no clear program promise that could benefit all wellness professionals equally as well as how to position Gena in the online space.

Razor-sharp clarity around her niche within the wellness industry. By niching down to female acupuncturists, Gena was able to hone her expertise and craft a powerful brand story and marketing message that speaks directly to her ideal client.

Full build out of Gena’s signature coaching program, ‘Signature Service’, a high-end 1:1 coaching program designed to help acupuncturists build online offers and break free from the limitations of location-based practices. With Gena’s guidance, her clients can create sustainable, thriving businesses that align with their values and gain back more time into their everyday lives.

A complete brand aligned to Gena's core essence that’s a true reflection of her identity - authentic, bold and transformative. Her unique approach attracts like-minded individuals to both her private practice and online coaching business. 

Business systems that provide a seamless high-quality service to the full spectrum of Gena’s clients that support Gena’s location independent lifestyle. 

Increased clientele and larger impact. Through Awaken Acupuncture, her private practice in San Diego, California, and her online coaching business, Gena is able to reach a diverse range of clients, from those seeking traditional acupuncture treatments to those looking to build successful businesses.


the final result

In order for Gena to succeed catering to the wellness industry we had to choose one specific person to help. Once Gena niched down to helping Acupuncturists explicitly, Gena could clarify her message and effectively communicate the value of her coaching, resonate with her audience and position herself as the go-to Business Coach for Acupuncturists who desire time and location freedom.

We developed a 1:1 coaching program, Signature Service, that provides Acupuncturists with clear and actionable steps to add online offers to their practice, offering additional support to their in-person clients and building online-only offers for those who want to leave their practice indefinitely. With Gena’s extensive experience running her own successful Acupuncture practice (Awaken Acupuncture) and selling online programs, she is uniquely qualified to help Acupuncturists effectively market their medicine, gain back time and achieve financial (and some location) freedom.

the solution

When conceptualizing Gena's brand, our aim was to strike a balance between presenting the divine masculine - the act of doing and achieving business tasks - and the divine feminine - the practice of being and receiving holistic medicine. Our goal was to appeal to her target market and present her as the go-to coach for acupuncturists. This approach allowed us to cultivate and harmonize the two pillars of Gena's brand: The Business Coach and Chinese Medicine Doctor. 

When it came to Gena’s photoshoot we brought Gena's natural edge and personality into the studio. She worked with a talented photographer who brilliantly captured her as both a business and acupuncture professional. The use of close-up needles on the body and the play of light and darkness added an artistic touch to the photoshoot, blending Gena's love for polished black and neutral colors with natural warm tones that embodied elegance and sophistication for her brand.


She’s The Caregiver and The Outlaw, A Business Architect and Medicine Healer. She’s Gena Strung, the Business Coach for Acupuncturists, disrupting the industry with a new way to cultivate freedom and gain back more time into your acupuncture practice. 






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Support      Help      Recognition      Gratitude     Service     Independence     Revenge     Liberation     change      worthy

Everyone deserves care and we must all strive to bestow service upon one another.

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caring      reassuring      Prove your worth      disrupt and shock      other's before self      denounce status quo

support   help   recognition   gratitude  service  independence  revenge  liberation  change   worthy

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Meet Gena Strung's

Signature Coaching Program

support      help      recognition      gratitude     service     indepdence     revenge     Liberation     change      worthy

support   help   recognition   gratitude  service  independence  revenge  liberation  change   worthy

caring      reassuring      Prove your worth      disrupt and shock      other's before self      denounce status quo



caring   reassuring   Prove your worth  disrupt and shock   other's before self   denounce status quo

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